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    Jeudi 6 Décembre 2012 à 00:47
    I've found the mouse click commands work with the built-in speceh recognition program too. Sorry if this is very obvious to everyone. I only thought of trying it today, so it's new to me.I'm not sure if the scripts work everywhere. I know the program in general doesn't work well for others, but I'm one of the lucky ones it does work for. I haven't tested the scripts much and I'm not a programmer. I'm on a MacBook Pro, Version 10.5.8, Tiger. I'm not sure if that makes a difference.What I did:-I'd already done what this article describes and I'd been using mouse clicks in Dictate wonderfully.By the way, I put the XTool.osax in HardDrive Users me Library ScriptingAdditions . I'm not sure if I'd followed the instructions right.-I rewrote those mouse click scripts in Applescript by hand-I saved them in HardDrive Users me Library Speech Speakable Items When I first tried, it was buggy (I think I tried restarting it too), but after I stopped it and restarted a couple hours later, it worked fine. It's worked with Safari, Finder, and VMWare. Maybe others too.This site has been fantastic, by the way. Great job!
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